Compliance matters

OfS registration gives providers access to significant benefits:

  • Student loans and maintenance for eligible students on eligible courses
  • Public grant funding
  • Tier 4 licence eligibility to recruit non-EU students

To continue to access these benefits, providers must comply with ongoing conditions of registration.

For registered providers, these include part ii of ongoing condition of registration E3.

Condition E3 (part ii): The governing body of a provider must ensure the provider’s compliance with all of its conditions of registration.

Ensuring ongoing compliance is business-critical for registered providers.

Compliance failure can be expensive:

  • Monetary penalty for each breach – maximum fine is higher of £0.5m or 2% of OfS grant + tuition fees
  • Suspension of part or all of registration – access to grant, access to tuition fees for some or all courses
  • De-registration – loss of all benefits

Even where there is no breach, the OfS will intervene – at the provider’s expense – where it judges there it be an increased risk of future breach:

  • Specific condition of registration – published on the OfS register
  • Enhanced monitoring – not published, but likely shared with other funders or regulators
  • Formal communication – not published

We can help you to:

Manage the risk of future breach

Reduce the risk of OfS regulatory action

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